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25 Jul

Community Base Project – Community Activities Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Presentation: Project Title & Idea: Community Activities Promote Healthy Lifestyles Driving Question: Students evaluate the relationship between land use, community needs, resources, and a healthy lifestyle. Subjects: ELA, Math, Geography, History, PE, Science Driving Question: What individual and/or collective choices and habits will promote a sustained healthy lifestyle? Entry Event: Video clip or skit related […]

24 Jul

Daniel Pink – What Motivates People to Perform?

26 Jun

10 Degrees of Learnization by Sophie Clark

01 Jun

What’s Wrong With Our Food System: Birke Baehr at TEDxNextGenerationAsheville

18 Sep

Key Ideas that Foster Parent Engagement with Families

    Key ideas that foster parent engagement with families Posted on August 8, 2012 at WWW.PARENTENGAGEMENT.INFO Key ideas that connect with families Respect – Build Relationships  | Respeto – Creando Relaciones Listening – Active ear  | Escuchar – Teniendo una oreja activa Engage Parents by treating them to have a voice in education and training | Enseñe a los padres […]